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Glenn Harsh, Sept. 24

It is just starting to drizzle here right now. It looks like we’ll be stopped with harvest for a few days. We started on soybeans on Friday, we got a little rain Friday night and we got some more done yesterday. We got a good start on it. A lot of people around here got started this week. I’d say I’m in the middle of the pack for this area.

It seems like the first 10 acres takes you as much time as the next 100 acres. The yields on the early beans were in the mid-50s. We put a new yield monitor system in and we were getting it calibrated, so I’m not 100% positive on the yield. This was not my best field and it was an early bean. Typically the full season beans do better for me.

I was surprised that the hills dropped off on yield more than I thought. The dry spell we had must have hurt yields more than I thought they did. It think that dry spell hurt the early beans more than the later beans that benefitted more from the late rains. I am optimistic about the later beans.

I did see some disease on the seed. Some of it appears to be Phomopsis. Some of it might be some late pod feeding also that makes the beans shrivel up and not look very good. I have not taken it in to grade it. I did not spray this field with fungicide or insecticide like I do with all of our seed beans. This is not one of our best fields and I don’t spray some of the commercial fields unless I see a specific problem and sometimes that can catch you.

We got the cover crops seeded and we got two-tenths of rain within 24 hours of seeding them and it looks like we could get an inch to 1.5 inches with this rain. We put the seed on with the high boy in the corn and I’m optimistic that the cover crops will come right up and get growing.

We got a bird’s eye view of the corn standability in the high boy. It looked good except for one field with the gravel knolls in it. It must have used all of the stalk to keep the plants alive on that gravel.

I imagine we’ll get a little corn shelled later this week and know a little more about yields and how strong the stalks are. I am looking forward to seeing what the yields really are out there.

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