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Glenn Harsh, Sept. 10

They were talking that we could get 4 to 5 inches in this area. We got 3.5 inches out of the whole thing. It was plenty dry so the rain is not hurting anything and it will help all those who planted cover crops before the rain. And for those of us who didn’t, it is always nice to put cover crops out on wet ground anyway. It gets a better start with moisture there.

We didn’t get the cover crops in as early as we wanted to. The whole industry is pretty tight on triticale and cereal rye seed, which kind of delayed things a little bit. In places where we were going to use cereal rye we actually will use barley, which I think will be as good or better for early seedings. As you get into later seedings you have to watch barley because it can heave on you a little more when it doesn’t get its roots down deep enough. I think the new crop of cereal rye will help with the seed supply issues this month.

The later soybeans still have a fair amount of green leaves on them and the rain will help finish out those top beans and add weight to the whole plant. That rain will still help some if they still have a lot of green tissue.

Having multiple days of rain certainly can lead to concerns with corn quality, though. I am sure it will be location specific as to where it creates problems or doesn’t. It depends on how far along the crop is, how tight the husk cover is and how much water gets down in there. There will definitely be a difference in varieties. Time will tell.

There are some beans getting ready. I have a field that is not too far off. I think it will definitely be ready by Farm Science Review.

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