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Dan Uetrecht, Sept. 24

We got started running corn on Saturday the 15th at 23% moisture. The other day we were down to 18%. We were really drying down nice. We just had a beautiful week of running. Conditions were good and the corn has been phenomenal.

On the yield monitor there was a 3 in front of the yield a couple times. I’ve only ever seen that once or twice. We had a good-sized field average right at 250 bushels. We have about 200 acres run and it looks like this could be the best corn crop I’ve ever raised. Quality has been good. If we get more rain and winds that could be a concern, but everything is standing fine so far.

A lot of guys have chosen to let it dry in the field longer. I have been surprised that more corn has not been run. The beans have not been ready yet.

The river basis was at negative 80 the other day and storage is going to be crucial this year. I thought we had enough room, but the way this corn is going we may be short on storage. We’ll try to move out some corn and store beans because the corn basis sure isn’t good, but it is better than the bean basis.

We had some great weather but it started raining early this morning and it looks like we are in for a couple of days of pretty heavy showers. The plan here is to concentrate on beans from here on out when we can get back in the fields. Then we can get some cover crops in behind that bean stubble. We want to get some rye and oats and clover in.

If we can get the wheat planted on time we’ll plant the usual amount. The wheat price is probably the best of the three crops and we like the rotation.

We also got cover crop seed on the harvested corn stalk ground. Almost all of the 200 acres have the rye spread and we have worked most of that in. We put fertilizer on based on soil samples and leaf tissue samples. We seem to be deficient on potassium this year and we lightly work that in with the cereal rye and get a good cover next spring.

It is going to be a good crop. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we don’t have a wet fall.

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