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Big yields to start 2018 Between the Rows harvest

Zach Profit, Van Wert Co.

We are pretty happy. We are 10% done with corn and 15% done with soybeans. We got started last Monday Sept. 17 in some corn. The moisture starting off was 21% to 23%. We had a small patch that was an earlier hybrid that came in at 18.5%.

We haven’t really seen anything under 190 bushels and the sky is the limit the other way. We have seen up to 230 and we have only run the earlier hybrids with 103- and 104-day corn. It has met our expectations and it is definitely going to be good. It will be right at the yields we had last year. I’m not sure it will be much better than last year but I think it will come off at a lower moisture.

The soybeans, I think, are the big story in the area with yields anywhere from 60 to 80 bushels with the majority of the yields I have heard around 70. The beans are doing really well. We have had some pretty marginal ground do really well so far.

In our 30-inch row experiment, those beans looked tough but I think they will yield better than we were expecting. They were podded up really well. Our regular 15-inch beans we normally do are 70+ bushels.

We had quite a bit of wind Thursday and Friday. There was some corn going down in the area. It seems to be extremely hybrid specific. There are fields that are a quarter to half snapped off laying flat on the ground. There were gusts of 25 or 30 miles per hour.

We have seen good test weight and quality corn. Vomitoxin does not appear to be an issue.

There have been rumors about soybean seed issues with a mold or fungus actually on the seed. There was quite a bit of it coming into one elevator.

We have had no rain and everything is going pretty well, but it looks like it is going to rain. We are keeping up with the maturity of the soybeans as they ripen. I think there is a big crop out there.

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