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AJ Baltes, Sept. 24

We haven’t done any harvesting yet. We have some beans that are getting close. Guys are slowly starting to harvest. It sounds like the crops are doing pretty decent. I looked at a corn test plot yesterday to the south of us. They had anything from 220 to 280 in the test plots and hopefully that is a sign of what it will be like when we get out in the fields. We are maybe a week or so away from harvesting beans yet.

There was a tornado that touched down about 30 or 40 miles to the north of us the other day. They got a bunch of rain and really heavy winds. We didn’t get anything out of it. It was near Middlefield.

We got a couple of tenths of rain Friday evening. Everything so far has been standing pretty well. There are some beans leaning but once they lose the leaves and get the weight off of them they are standing back up. Hopefully that means they have a lot of pods on them.

Most of the alfalfa hay is finished around here and there are guys done chopping corn and some guys are just getting into it. Yield wise, everyone I have talked to has been getting really good tonnage this year and a lot of guys didn’t chop all that they planned on chopping.

Most of the sudangrass and millet we planted after wheat is higher than our heads right now. We are hoping to get 150 acres of wheat out this fall too. We contracted our wheat for next year plus we rolled some over. It should be a pretty profitable crop if we can get the yield.

We haven’t seen too much difference in basis from what it usually is. We have Case Farms, a chicken farm, they take quite a bit of corn from the area and then there is an ethanol plant south of us that takes quite a bit corn too. If you’ve got storage and can store it after harvest you have places to take it around here.

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