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AJ Baltes, Sept. 10

We got 4.75 inches of rain this weekend. It is still sprinkling but it looks like it is pretty well done. There is a little flooding here and there but nothing really widespread. It was a pretty slow rain up until Sunday morning.

I think the late soybeans still needed some rain — they didn’t need that much but they needed some. Now we need a dry spell to get the crops out of the fields. The short season beans that were planted early are losing quite a few leaves. They will get started in a week or two I’d guess.

Guys who are chopping are about on a normal schedule. There is maybe a week or two of chopping yet and they were chopping quite a bit of corn before the rain. I think once it dries back out, corn silage chopping will start back up. I have been hearing that guys are getting the best tonnage and quality they have seen in a while, so that will help the dairy guys out. Dairy guys are just plugging along hoping something good will happen. Good yields will help.

We have quite a ways to go yet on field corn before harvest, I would guess it will be at least the end of September. I noticed a little end rot when I was walking fields. There is a little here and there but not a lot yet.

We planted quite a bit of cereal rye and triticale for spring forage and we are running into a big issue not being able to get seed for those crops. It is either not available or really high priced. The rain will help any of the seedings we had out. It wasn’t too heavy to wash seeds away.

It seems like a lot of guys I talked to forward contracted beans early on when they were $10, but it sounds like almost nobody sold everything. I think they were hoping it was still going up. Now we’ll have to see what happens.

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