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Rains keep crops progressing Between the Rows

Zach Profit, Van Wert Co.

Earlier last week we had an inch and three tenths. It was a nice shot of rain just about everywhere in the county. It was needed and we are hoping for another one today or tonight. I saw something about the possibility of severe weather. I’ll just take the rain and no wind. We’ve had enough wind — we just need a nice easy rain.

With the rain and the cooler temperatures we had dark spots in the fields until Wednesday or Thursday. The cooler weather helped conserve that moisture a little and not just burn it away.

It would be nice to catch another inch. We are progressing nicely and really not taking steps backwards. If we get another nice rain today we’d be looking pretty good, especially because this looks like it will be the last hot day for awhile with highs in the lower 80s as far as the eye can see.

Beans are filling out right now. They are coming around in this area. They are chest high, but we’ve had tall soybeans yield pretty poorly and short soybeans yield pretty well before. These beans are looking good though. They have good color and we are starting to see a lot of four-bean pods and they appear to be podded pretty heavily.

We have some 30-inch beans and we weren’t sure about them but here in the last few weeks they really turned a corner. It is pretty hard to complain around here.

We’ve treated everything with fungicide and I think most of the neighbors have as well. We really haven’t seen anything that is making us worry. Our biggest concern is the heat we had back in early pollination on some of our earlier hybrids. Did we lose anything to tip-back? We really haven’t seen much but we are concerned about the timing of that heat. The rains came and it cooled off right after that.

Now we are hoping for temperatures in the 80s moving forward. If it gets too cool it can really slow things down. The big talk right now is about what we are going to do with all of these crops around here. There is going to be a mountain of corn and beans out there this year. A lot of the elevators around here are already full.

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