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Glenn Harsh, Aug. 24

We’ve had more than 1.5 inches of rain, depending on the farm, that will help finish filling out the tops of these beans and probably put some test weight on the corn too. Some of our first planted corn is approaching black layer. It is not quite there yet, but it is starting to form. As things were spread out a little bit this spring, though, we do have some corn that is more in the early dent stage.

This rain was definitely good and it would definitely be good to get another rain for the later planted corn fields and the soybean fields. They are still putting on the upper pods and filling those pods, so I sure wouldn’t mind having another rain the first week or so of September to keep the moisture there.

We have not seen anything out there in terms of problems that could lead to aflatoxin. In our operation we haven’t ever really had much of that problem, but it definitely is a concern as we get closer to where the ears are drying down, opening up and letting more moisture in there. We still have some time before that is a major concern of mine, but you don’t want to see a good crop go south and have those kinds of problems.

We are getting ready to seed cover crops with the High Boy, hopefully next week. Some guys are talking about flying them on. The people who planted cover crops into their wheat stubble really appreciated these rains to get those going. I feel good about the moisture in the ground right now and then if we get them planted and get lucky enough to get another half in or inch of rain, that would be a very good situation.

We’ve been noticing on some of the bean fields where we have yellowing spots that could be sudden death syndrome or brown stem rot. We started pulling some soybean cyst nematode tests there too to make sure that’s not an underlying problem we have that is making the SDS show up more. We are looking into what might be causing those yellow spots that are not terrible, but we want to get to the bottom of it.

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