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Nathan Louiso of Axis Seed

Garman Feed and Supply joins Axis Seed

Greg Garman is proud to announce that he and Garman Feed and Supply will be joining Axis Seed as a regional distributor. Axis Ohio is representing Axis Seed as an Independent Regional Company for all counties in Ohio. “Our unique business model focusing on the demands of the local Ohio grower is what makes Garmans a perfect partner. Greg understands the importance of supporting local business and the benefit that provides to the community,” said Nathan Louiso, Axis Ohio owner.

Greg Garman

Garman Feed and Supply is a family owned third generation company that has been serving the central Ohio area for over 42 years. Greg brings that experience to help farmers make the right decisions for their growing conditions and geography.

“Nathan’s commitment to the local area is what most impressed me. Our customers have different seed needs than those in other areas of the country. With all the consolidation in the industry many have lost sight of the importance of working with someone local,” Garman said.

As an independent regional company for Axis Seed, Axis Ohio has access to all current traits and technologies. Complete information about the varieties that Axis Ohio carries is available on its web site at www.axisohio.com.

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