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Does Roundup cause cancer?

By Peggy Hall, director of agricultural law, Ohio State University Agricultural and Resource Law Program

Does Roundup cause cancer?  A jury in California has determined that it’s possible. The jury awarded $289 million in early against Monsanto in the first of thousands of cases alleging that Monsanto should have warned users about Roundup’s cancer risk.

The plaintiff argued that Monsanto has known for decades that the Roundup product could cause cancer but failed to warn consumers, while Monsanto claimed that more than 800 studies and reviews conclude that glyphosate itself does not cause cancer.  Monsanto plans to appeal the award.

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  1. Killed by Roundup

    Well, does Roundup cause cancer? Only God knows and would be 100% sure BUT from a person that was diagnosed at 43 with CLL and the oncologist doing the diagnosis said it made no sense as to why I have the disease because this is a disease that affects the elderly 99% of the time NOT someone of my age a physical health at the time —— my guess is YES!!!!
    Just to be clear I was told it was safe enough to drink but the studies that Monsanto did in the 70’s did show a chance of cancer but somehow they were lost a few years ago.
    My current Oncologist has read most of the 800 studies and informed me just yesterday that the studies aren’t worth the paper there written on and show no conclusive proof that Roundup DOESN’T cause cancer.
    I’m 54 now and this could be my last year of farming due to the CLL and I spend at least two days a month at different Doctors offices trying to survive for another day.
    Does ROUNDUP cause cancer? instead of asking this question I think you should be asking- should we be applying this chemical on our crops until we are 100% certain that roundup DOESN’T cause cancer.
    Two countries have put a band on selling roundup starting in 2022 and 5 more are looking into stopping its sale in there’s.
    We as Farmers are going to be accountable for poisoning innocent people because we took the easy way out to control our weed and in the process we killed people also, this is just the tip of the iceberg and in my opinion we need to stop using this product until we are 100% sure!

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