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AJ Baltes, Aug. 6

We are still dry but two weeks ago we got about 2.5 inches of rain. That helped perk things up, but it is amazing how fast it dries out. I think it is supposed to be over 90 degrees again today.

Some of the corn is still pollinating and some tassels came out when we got that cool spell. The really late-planted corn is just starting to tassel so hopefully it cools off here. That 2.5-inch rain really helped and was big enough that whatever urea was left from sidedressing should have gotten washed in too.

We haven’t really noticed diseases out there yet in the corn. The early beans look really good. They are probably over waist high and they are loaded with pods. As long as we keep getting rains I think they’ll fill out. Some of the later beans are a little yellow. I think they don’t quite have the root system on them that they need, but they are coming along. It looks like they’ll catch up.

They were calling for rain this week, but they are backing the amounts off for tomorrow. It looks like it will be really spotty stuff.

The guys with alfalfa are on third cutting and some of the grass guys have taken off second cutting. I think the first cut is finally done. We are working on some grain bins and when we get done with that we will get some second cutting taken off. We are pouring pads now and they should be done before harvest.

We got the cover crops planted and they have had a couple of good rains on them. Everything seems to be coming along. The Sudangrass and buckwheat are probably a foot tall already.

I think some of the really late planted stuff is still behind but the earlier planted stuff looks like it will be pretty good, maybe a little above average. It is going to be a stretched out harvest I think.

Some places have missed these rains. There are pockets that haven’t really gotten any rain.

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