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AJ Baltes, Aug. 24

We finally got some rain. Early last week we got 1.75 inches and I heard anywhere from 2.5 inches down to .75-inch rains around here. It came down pretty hard for the first 1.25 inches and we got the other half inch in two other rains after that, so it had a little time to soak in.

The rain will help finish up the early-planted stuff and really help the late-planted stuff. We have corn that is anywhere from full dent to still filling out kernels yet. I had a customer do some chopping last week before the rain and it was yielding really well for him.

In some areas, the dry weather got pretty bad and in other areas it still looks pretty nice. Some of the later stuff will still be determined by the fall and how late of a frost we get. I am going to look at some more corn tonight we are going to be chopping and they said it looks pretty good.

We saw a little northern corn leaf blight when we were looking at fields, but not as much as what we normally get. There is a little disease in the beans here and there but nothing major and there was some insect leaf feeding but not anything that will hurt yields. Overall, stuff looks pretty good but it really will be hard to tell until the combines get in the fields, especially the beans.

The beans that we first planted are just starting to turn color and get a little yellow in them. They should be finishing the pods out. The later beans were flowered before this rain with just a few pods at the bottom, so I am hoping the rain will get more pods on them and get them filled out.

There are more chances for rain on Sunday and through next week. It is Fair week, so we will probably get rain at least one day I would think. Hopefully we get a late frost and those beans can keep growing. If so, I think they’ll do alright.

There has been quite a bit of second cutting grass hay taken off around here in between the rains over the last couple of weeks. A lot of guys were waiting for another rain to cut and I think it could make a big difference. I am guessing the guys with alfalfa are on the third or fourth cutting.

We are green chopping some cover crops for a neighbor’s beef cows today. It is a 15-way after-wheat blend we mixed up. It makes a decent amount of tonnage. We don’t have to go too far before we get a forage wagon filled up. We chop it high so it can regrow and overwinter. It is a chance to get out on some of the old equipment because we have an Oliver Super 77 and we run on that.


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