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Turkey Champion Drive

2018 Ohio State Fair Poultry results

Grand Champion Market Chickens: Allison Davis, Carroll Co.

Res. Grand Champion Market Chickens: Meghan O’Reilly, Geauga Co.

Third Overall: Emma Preston, Fairfield Co.
Fourth Overall: Anita Ruggles, Huron Co.
Fifth overall: Sophia Preston, Fairfield Co.
Grand Champion Turkey: Myah Jones, Clinton Co.

Res. Grand Champion Turkey: Jozie Jones, Clinton Co.
Third Overall: Allison Kinney, Logan Co.
Fourth Overall: Mason Jackson, Logan Co.
Fifth Overall: Maribeth Pozderac, Knox Co.


Market Turkeys



Class 1

  1. Johnathan Woodward, Coshocton Co.
  2. Carter Henderson, Logan Co.


Class 2

  1. Maribeth Pozderac, Knox Co.
  2. Elizabeth Aleshire, Fayette Co.
  3. Hanna Shafer, Miami Co.


Class 3

  1. Myah Jones, Clinton Co.
  2. Allison Kinney, Logan Co.
  3. Mitchell Jensen, Fairfield Co.


Class 4

  1. Jozie Jones, Clinton Co.
  2. Mason Jackson, Logan Co.




Market Chickens

  1. Allison Davis, Carroll Co.
  2. Meghan O’Reilly, Geauga Co.
  3. Emma Preston, Fairfield Co.
  4. Anita Ruggles, Huron Co.
  5. Sophia Preston, Fairfield Co.





Class 1

  1. Meghan O’Reilly, Geauga Co.
  2. Emma Preston, Fairfield Co.


Class 2

  1. Seth Abel, Licking Co.
  2. Kori Marvin, Union Co.



Class 3

  1. Rachel O’Reilly, Geauga Co.
  2. Lauren Preston, Fairfield Co.


Class 4

  1. Allison Davis, Carroll Co.
  2. Sophia Preston, Fairfield


Class 5

  1. Jenna Goddard, Fayette Co.
  2. Anita Ruggles, Huron Co.

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