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Glenn Harsh, July 9

Some of the corn in the neighborhood started tasseling June 29 but ours didn’t start until a few days later. Things look good. The first planted corn is silking and hopefully we’ll have enough cool weather that it pollinates OK. The later planted stuff is tasseling and it all looks pretty good. We got our second trip of nitrogen done and that should give it enough to get it through.

It was pushing us to get over the corn with the Y-DROPS with our medium clearance sprayer. The corn is ahead of schedule. Now as long as we get through this pollination period I do not see any real negatives with it being ahead of schedule.

Soybeans are blooming and they look healthy overall. We had a few spots with too much water where the plants are stunted but I can’t complain because our beans look pretty darn good too.

We have to keep in front of the weeds in our later planted beans. We are also putting fungicide and insecticide on all of our seed beans during the reproductive stage and we are getting ready to do that.

With the heat we’ve had I don’t think we want to go too long without more rain, but for now we look OK on moisture. The crops are still green and moving forward.

We will start going though corn fields in August and put down a cover crop mixture in the corn going to beans the next year. We are figuring out that mixture and getting the High Boy ready for that.

You really need cool nights to allow the plant to respire and let the corn breathe, especially during the pollination period. Hopefully we get some cooler nights and we can pollinate properly. We are lined up for a decent crop in this part of the state. Hopefully we get some more timely rains and finish the season strong.

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