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Crops growing fast around Ohio

Dan Uetrecht, Warren Co.

Things are looking really good. The corn just keeps going. It has had the rain, the sun and the heat. We have been hot but it is just starting to pollinate. We’ve had some cooler nights and we’ve had enough rain that it is keeping those silks moist. It started tasseling right around the Fourth of July. Most everybody’s corn around here was tasseling when we were out running wheat. The silks are out and I think it could be an early harvest. I was talking to an older farmer and he said he hasn’t seen a year like this where everything is so far ahead. Normally an early harvest is not a good sign but everything is growing so fast. This is abnormal but good.

The early beans did fine with all of the rain we’d gotten. Some of the smaller beans had some light green pockets but now they have grown out of it. We have a good crop growing right now.

The wheat was what I thought it would be: average. Our first wheat was on some high ground and it went over 80 and I was really tickled. But as we got back closer to the home farm on better soil, lower low ground and later planted wheat, we went into the 60s. We had a 20-bushel difference based on that different planting date and high ground versus low ground. The last planted wheat around the 22nd of October didn’t tiller out well and we didn’t have the population we needed to get 100-bushel wheat.

We got the double-crops in. They had great moisture and heat. They were up in five days and they look really nice.

We are going to start spreading compost and lime on our last 40 acres of wheat ground. We’ll work that in and plant our cover crop. We’ll put in crimson clover, radishes and rye. It is beautiful and it gives those cover crops time to grow. We’ll have radishes that look like baseball bats by winter. We’re going to bale our second cutting hay this afternoon and it looks like we’ll have that up with no rain on it.

With the rain and good growing conditions we have fought weeds. We have some grass and broadleaves coming that we’ll have to touch up. I think I’ll go ahead and put a foliar down with that and then we’ll be done spraying other than the double-crops.

We are really not seeing much disease in the beans and the next thing I need to do is walk some corn fields. It is getting to be the time to think about fungicides on that. We have good subsoil moisture and if we can get another couple good rains this corn will be made.

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