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Zach Profit, June 8

Today we are working on tiling. We have about 15 acres to finish up and an outlet we need to put in. We have 62 acres of that field planted and the beans are up and looking good and we are trying to get the rest finished up and planted.

We finished sidedressing last night with our unique nitrogen things we are trying. We did some straight anhydrous, we applied some with a lower rate where we will come back with Y-DROPs and we also did some straight 28% Y-DROPs. We got all of that on and then we got some really nice, easy rains to work that 28% into the soil. We’re thankful for that.

This week we had seven tenths at the farm. I got an inch at my house. It was a nice rain. We have good soil moisture but we really need to keep getting these rains every week. There are parts of the county that are still pretty dry. The whole county could use another good drink. The crops are looking good but we are going to need those rains.

Wheat is looking really good around here. We don’t have any but I have been driving around the county and I haven’t seen a bad field. I think the conditions have been good for fungicide application and there will be a good wheat crop in this area. It is nowhere near turning yet.

If you got the seed down into moisture when you planted things worked out pretty well with emergence. In some fields where the seed was not deep enough, there were emergence problems. This year that depth was critical. There are some uneven stands out there because of uneven seeding depths in the fields. You could not dust them in this year. They needed to be down into the moisture because we didn’t get a good soaking rain during planting.

I think we’ll get done with the post- application of soybeans today. We had a couple of fields that were getting pretty hairy. We put down some different products this season to control some late waterhemp this year. We got that all down. We did see a little bronzing on the beans but they grew out of that. Weed control now looks pretty good because we have been able to get out there and get things sprayed.

I you go north things don’t look so good. If you go south things get drier. I was down around Chillicothe and normally they are a couple weeks ahead of us but this year things look pretty similar to what we have here. We are pretty fortunate in this area and we don’t have much to complain about.

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