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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – June 5th

Ohio Weather Outlook from Ohio Ag Net Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin

So, today is the wet blanket on our week. The second half of the week, tomorrow through Friday looks awesome! Sunny, dry, pleasant with low relative humidity and gradually warming temps. But here is today, standing in stark contrast. I’ll be honest. I feel we should be sunny, dry and pleasant, but instead, we are having to deal with clouds wrapping around a strong low off to the northeast and those clouds have the potential to drop a bit of precipitation on us too. This is one of those meteorological set ups that don’t make a lot of sense, but they are what they are. We don’t like it. We just can’t stand back and not acknowledge the pesky moisture that can be around. So, today we will see clouds dominate most of our day over most of the state, and we won’t rule out scattered showers too, potentially giving a few hundredths to a quarter of an inch over 90% of the state. The map likely is a little too zealous on the moisture totals…we think a few hundredths to a tenth will be a fairly common report, but still, it’s a lot more liquid around than we would like, given our day yesterday, and what we have coming the rest of the week. Timing is basically through the day, with the action starting up north this morning and spreading south through this afternoon into this evening. The map shows totals through midnight tonight (again, they are probably a little high for our thoughts, but the coverage is likely close). We need to stress that there is not a lot of water to work with here. But, if there is something you truly don’t want wet today, cover it up (I did).

Now, after we get done with the dry second half of the week, we do have a bit of moisture coming in for the weekend. Action does not look quite as strong this morning, but we still need to keep rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. At this time, we will put rain totals at .25”-1.” over about 90% of the state. Thunderstorms will be needed to get into the upper end of the range, and we see some good thunderstorm chances. However, they are spread out over a larger part of the state than our previous look.

Dry behind this system to start next week, Monday and Tuesday, and this morning we are taking rain out at midweek, allowing for a completely dry period Monday through Friday of next week. Temps look to be normal to above normal for the period as well. A nice front arrives for next Saturday, bringing potential for .25”-.75” over the entire state.

The rest of the extended period shows another front dragging across the state for the 18th, and then another system threatening the region around the 21st into the 22nd.

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