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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — June 13, 2018

By Ryan Martin, Ohio Ag Net Chief Meteorologist

Scattered, light moisture should continue to hold over a large part of Ohio today. This will promote an overall damp feel once again, as temps stay at normal and even slightly below normal levels across the state and we can’t rule out a few hundredths to perhaps a quarter of an inch across about 70% of the state. Generally, though, we should see limited rain activity, with most of the moisture just getting held up in the atmosphere. We will start to see some changes to the pattern starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks to dry down for most of Ohio. We may still have some lingering moisture trying to exit far eastern parts of the state early in the morning, but dry, sunny, warmer weather is the theme going forward. Southwest winds bring some higher temperatures to closer the week. We can expect temps to be above normal for Friday, Saturday and into Sunday. With the warming, it would not be out of the question for a few pop-up showers or thunderstorms to develop but that looks to be a bigger threat farther west, at least on Friday. Saturday late afternoon and evening show some better potential for pop up shower and especially thunderstorms, mostly over the northern third of the state. Keep an eye out for that action from US 30 northward, but also don’t limit it to just specifically that area. Instability will be a large issue in many areas for the weekend.

Dry weather returns with another hot afternoon on Sunday, and temps ease a bit on Monday, while we likely stay dry. There is still the potential for a good chunk of next week to have moisture around, but it is shifting later in the week by a day or two.

We can’t rule out showers moving into the state late Tuesday afternoon, then we have rain chances for Wednesday and Thursday. However, these are not rains that develop with a sweeping type front. Rather, moisture is going to try and slowly lift up into the eastern corn belt, and we will see multiple lines of action rotating through, circulating around a low to the south. This set up means we see largely hit and mis rains each day, but the areas that get rain can get a lot. Think of it as a bunch of striated bands of moisture training over the same area for a while before leaving. This will promote rain potential for the 2-and-a-half-day period of as little as .25”-.5” all the way up to 2 inches or more. So, we still have the potential for a very wet week next week. Combined coverage though will be only around 70%, with daily coverage at 40%. Dry weather makes a comeback late next week. The map shows 10-day cumulative rainfall potential across the state.

In the extended window, one main front now arrives around the 26th that can bring rains of .25”-1” over about 80% of the state.

Temps will be a story going into the weekend. We are already hearing folks talk up very warm air in the plains and western corn belt this weekend. We will see warming as well and can see some upper 80s to lower 90s. However, we need to stress that this is not a major problem. It is Summer, and summers have some hot spells, usually. This warmth will be coming after a relatively wet period over most of the corn belt, including Indiana. So, crops should handle 3 days of warm air just fine. As to the increasing fearmongering over a blazingly hot rest of June and all of July…we find nothing to support that kind of talk and consider it foolishness. For the next 10 days to 2 weeks, at least, we see conditions good for crop growth and development. Not perfect, but good.

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