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Glenn Harsh, June 8

We’ve been done with planting for probably 10 days. We are in the process of spraying crops and we are getting through the beans right now. Then we will switch to corn and get it sprayed here pretty quickly.

The grasses are starting to come back on. Some of the giant rag and other aggressive weeds are getting going again too. It is time to get back out there. We are spraying as much as we can in between winds and these little showers we’ve been getting.

We are also putting 28% on with our Y-DROPs. We’ve got another sprayer rigged up with the Y-DROPs so we can do that and spray the herbicide.

We’ll go though now and put 15 gallons on when the corn is around knee high. Then we’ll come back at shoulder high corn and put on anywhere from 25 to 60 gallons depending on what we need in that particular area. We put about 35 units of N down with the planter and we have two tons of chicken litter on everything. We can probably count on 75 units but we give ourselves a 25-pound buffer so we count 50 pounds for the chicken litter. The corn looks good and has good color but I don’t want it to have a bad day, so that’s why we are going through it at this time to hold it until it is chest or shoulder high.

I am very happy with my emergence here. I know there has been some replanting going on in central Ohio. I have been lucky that the couple spots I needed to replant weren’t any bigger than a pickup bed and it wasn’t worth taking the planter out. I have been fortunate that we have not had to do any replanting. The emergence has been very good but I know there have been one or two fields that have been replanted and some spotting in here and there. One field that was replanted was planted right before a 1.5-inch downpour. It was bad timing. Overall, though, things look very good.

We are in good shape with moisture. After a cold start, once we got rolling things went pretty well. Now it is just a matter of getting all the field operations done to keep things moving in the right direction.

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