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Glenn Harsh, June 25

We are Y-DROPping our second pass of nitrogen on the corn and we are moving along in between rainstorms. Luckily a couple of farms up north didn’t get quite as much rain, but at the home farm we got 3.5 inches over 3 days and then we got another tenth after that. It depends where you are as to how wet it is.

We have a moderately high clearance rig but in some spots this corn is 6.5 or 7 feet tall and it is definitely pushing us. I was able to get out yesterday and go through a couple of those fields pushing the height for our rig.

We are still tissue sampling and that looks pretty good. There are no major deficiencies. In some fields hit by those big rains w are seeing a little N loss in those fields and sulfur sometimes goes with that.

There are going to be some holes in some soybeans from this last set of rains. I am seeing that around the neighborhood too. It depends on which rain cell you got under. You have to really watch your fields.

It is definitely getting on the late side to replant some of those areas, but if you can get 30 bushels to the acre instead of zero there is some value there. It really depends on those rains this week and whether you are able to get into those spots. If we go another week, the chances are better for 20 bushels instead of 30 and you have to think about those green spots you’ll have to combine around next fall. Next week is a tougher replanting decision.

You can go around and see those fields that were maybe worked one time and find that density layer with a soil probe. On these no-till fields with cover crops you don’t find that layer and that definitely helps with water infiltration and with more organic matter it can hold more water too.

Our corn looks pretty good and the weed control is good. With soybeans there are a lot of fields that still need that post-emergent pass. Because of the rain and some wind people haven’t been able to get back out in the fields. There are still a lot of fields with foxtail or some of the pigweed species. It is time to get back into some of those bean fields.



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