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Dan Uetrecht, June 8

Things are going really well. The crop looks really good. I think we are one inch of rain away from having a perfect spring. We are a little dry and if we could just get a good soaker it would be perfect. Hopefully we’ll get it. We are supposed to heat up today. The weather has been really nice with some 70- and 80-degree days with low humidity. Now we’re supposed to get hot and humid and that should kick up some thunderstorms.

For emergence it has been perfect. We didn’t have any beating rains. Everyone down this way said that this year was as good for getting the crop out of the ground without any issues as they have ever seen. The crop looks healthy.

Around Wilmington and up towards Court House they have been getting some rains and things are really going. We could use some rain but we are still doing well.

I think we’ll be running wheat in two or three weeks. We put fungicide down to protect it. I did find a little head scab in our wheat but not much. I think it will be a good crop but not a great crop. Two months ago I said there was no way we’d be running wheat in June. Now I think we will be. We hope to get second cutting hay done before we start baling straw.

I plant about 50 acres of cover crops after wheat and the rest of the wheat acres will go to double-crop beans. The last couple years, double-crop beans have been phenomenal down here. We need late rains and a late frost for a good double-crop situation.

This corn has gotten so big. I went out today and the corn is pushing waist high. We got done sidedressing last week and we just finished post- spraying all of our soybeans. We had to come back on all of our beans because we had problems with grass. We got a good burndown on the broadleaves.

The markets have taken a little hit and this is the timeframe where you can get one more spike up or it could be on the downward spiral and it will be interesting to see what prices do in the next couple weeks.


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