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AJ Baltes, June 8

They are calling for an inch or more of rain this weekend. We finished planting corn on June 3 and we are waiting on some dry ground so we can finish planting beans. We have about 200 acres left. If we could just get a dry two or three days we could be done. We had to replant 80 acres of the first beans we planted but everything else is coming out pretty well. It is all up other than this last field we planted.

We didn’t spray anything until after we planted, so the fields that aren’t planted still have cover crops growing in them. If for some reason we don’t get planted, we’ll at least have a cover crop growing there the rest of the summer to keep the weeds down. They are about waist high right now. We’ll go out and plant it and then spray it. That seems to have worked so far. It is barley, annual ryegrass and some clover. We can get out into the fields when they are a little wetter because they are pulling up the moisture. We have baled some of it, but there is not much of a market for that around here so we don’t bale much more than what we can use.

I am doing some custom wrapping for a neighbor this morning. All of the hay that has been coming off has been chopped or wet wrapped and we’re lucky to even get that in between rains.

This week we had four days without any rain. Last weekend we got a half-inch at home and west of us we got a tenth and to the east they got three-quarters of an inch.

I haven’t noticed anyone sidedressing around here yet. Guys are getting ready if they had early planted corn, but there is not much early planted corn around here. Over in western Ohio guys are finishing up with sidedressing and around here we are still trying to plant.

Most of the wheat around here looks pretty good. I know there were guys spraying fungicide earlier. We didn’t spray but it looks pretty nice. We’ll see what the quality is like. The heads are filling well but it looks pretty short this year so there may not be much straw to bale.

Next week it is supposed to warm up into the 80s and they are calling for more rain. Hopefully we get a dry stretch so we can finish planting.

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