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AJ Baltes, June 25

We finally got everything planted on the 18th or 19th. We were down to the wire on the crop insurance dates. We have had some decent heat but today is pretty cloudy. I think we only got .2-inch of rain over the weekend.

We are still waiting on the last beans we planted to come up. We were supposed to get a lot of rain and we didn’t plant them very deep figuring on that rain. And then we didn’t get the rain.

We are making first-cutting hay right now and there are still some muddy spots yet. The last dry spell last week we got some hay made and there was a lot of hay being made around here. We had enough moisture to keep the hay going but I have heard from a lot of guys that they haven’t been getting the tonnage they’d thought they’d get. The dairies that are chopping alfalfa are finishing second-cutting and we are just working on our first-cutting. After Wednesday it looks like we could get a dry spell so we are hoping we can get some more hay made.

The early corn looks really nice. It has a nice dark color to it. We have good emergence on it all. Even the later stuff looks good but there are some spots that got flooded out. I have seen some corn around here that is chest high and there is other corn that is 3 or 4 inches high.

Wheat is starting to turn a little bit. It will probably be another week or two yet on the wheat. There are a few guys who will take it off pretty wet and try to get some double-crops in.

We haven’t noticed disease pressure yet but a lot of guys around here will spray fungicides on the beans. It is hard to fly it on the small fields around here with an airplane to spray the corn.






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