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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — May 16, 2018

By Ryan Martin

No change in our forecast pattern this morning, we still see more wet days than dry over the coming 10 days, and this unsettled pattern does not look like it comes to an end until late next week.

Rains today are mostly a southern affair, but we have to watch east central and northeast Ohio for a little bit of northern movement through midday and early afternoon, allowing the spread of moisture that direction. We also think there is more rain around today, and we will bump our rain totals up a bit to a few hundredths to half an inch. Coverage will be 90% south of I-70, and 30% north. NW Ohio likely sees nothing today.

Tomorrow is our first dry day for the state. We should see good sunshine and temps above normal.

Moisture moves back into the state on Friday and lasts through Monday. Combined we see rain totals of .25”-1.25” over the entire state. Coverage on any given day will be likely 50-60% at best…but for the 4 day period, we all see rain on several occasions.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be mostly dry, our second and third (also final) dry day of the 10day period the state. Our next wave shows up overnight Wednesday, the 23rd and hits most of Ohio through the 24th. That system brings .1”-.6” over the state, with coverage at 70% of the state.

High pressure comes in behind that system for the 25th, and will bring several drier days in succesion. This will be needed to facilitate good dry down from this wet 10 day outlook. Temps will be normal to above normal through the next 9-10 days, but as the ahigh comes in, we may stay closer to normal, even though we see good sun. The map below is a look at 10 day cumulative totals. These are much more in line with our thoughts this time around.

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