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May 7, Dan Uetrecht

We actually started up last Sunday. We got the planters in the field and got the kinks out. We hammered down ever since Monday. We planted almost 1,000 aces of corn and beans. They went in really well.
One thing though, we are dry. We haven’t gotten rains and after putting that much seed in the ground you like to get a little shower just to get everything to come up. I think we are in pretty good shape but it is concerning that we have missed every rain so far. We’ve gotten nothing. They have gone north and south and have been missing us. Now we are onto the wet farms and even they are in good shape. We had so much wind and heat a few days ago it dried things out fast.
It looks like we got a great kill on the cover crops with the burndown. It worked great because we had a lot of heat and sun.
Wheat looks good. It hasn’t been saturated and it is really getting after it with it being this warm and dry.
We are in really good shape, I think, with the emergence. There was one field where the cover crop really sucked the moisture up. This is the first year where I really planted a lot of corn into cover crops. I’ve done beans for a while but not corn. It was drier than I thought it would be and I hope I planted deep enough for missing all of these rains. In the rest of the fields I set the planter so it would get down to more moisture.
The forecast looks really good until Thursday. If everything goes right and there are no breakdowns, we should finish up Wednesday or Thursday.
There have been some heavier rains north and south but most people are ahead of the game around here and if we don’t get rain until Thursday I think a lot of guys will be done. The last two springs we have really fought the rains with planting.
It will be interesting to see what markets do. New crop corn had a pretty good price and I’m happy we had the opportunity to lock in some profits for this crop.

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