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May 25, Zach Profit

We’re looking pretty good. We’ve been done for three weeks or more with planting, except for our last 75-acre field that we put tile in. We felt like we had enough time to get it tiled before we planted it. I’m trying to get it planted right now. I made one pass around the field last night and blew a hydraulic hose.
We just started sidedressing today. We’ve been hauling corn and watching stuff grow. The distance between good places and bad places is not far. You don’t have to go very far for it to get pretty ugly. The central part of the county is looking pretty good but the extreme south part of Van Wert County could use a shot of rain and up north they have had more rain. There is more to do yet in the north and fields are still unplanted. Then, as you go further north up 127 it gets pretty ugly. We are in pretty good shape compared to them. Everything except for the field we are tiling is up and I think the corn will be knee high by June 4 and not July 4. The soybeans are looking good too but we could definitely use a shot of rain here.
On May 18 we got about an inch of rain but that was pretty variable. To the south and north they didn’t get that in Van Wert County. If we can just keep the rain coming I think we’ll be in good shape. We got our herbicide application on the corn done and I think we are going to start working on the weedier bean fields.
The emergence has been good. Everything is up and going. We even went so far as to unhook the corn planter the other day.
We do have some interesting things going on with nitrogen. About half of our corn will be straight anhydrous which is normally what we do. We also put on a couple hundred acres of fall anhydrous and then we are going to use a split application of 28% with Y-drops, maybe at V10. We had some interesting results last year and we are interested to see how this goes this year.

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