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May 25, A.J. Baltes

Two weeks ago Wednesday we got 85 acres
of beans in. They are not sprayed yet but they are in. The weekend of May 18 we were able to pick away a little on some dry corn fields and we got maybe 60 acres of corn in but that’s about it. We got another 1.1 inches on that next Tuesday into Wednesday. It has been cool but now they are talking about 80 degrees for the next few days.
I just checked the ground temperature and it was 60. There is a chance of rain in the next few days then more rain after that. It depends on how much we get if we can keep going or not. It seems like there are pockets where some guys have quite a bit done and there are some places where they haven’t even gotten started.
The wheat looks pretty good. It is heading out. The cool, wet temperatures have kept it going. We usually don’t spray fungicide on the wheat but there are a few guys starting to spray.
This week a lot of guys laid down their first cutting triticale and it got rained on. They are going to try to get it chopped before it rains again. I don’t think there has been any attempt at dry hay around here. The triticale has been short this year. I talked to a lot of guys and they haven’t gotten the tonnage out of it that they wanted to get. The grass hay is finally growing now that it has gotten warmer but up until now it hasn’t grown like we thought it would. It hasn’t warmed up enough for it to really take off. I don’t know if we have had any days in the 80s yet, maybe one or two. We had a few days last week that were pretty warm during the day and then in the 60s at night, but today might be the first day in the 80s we’ve had.
We plant quite a bit around Memorial Day and the week after but if we get washed out again we’ll be getting behind. We are going to mow some triticale down today and then once the dew dries we’ll try to put some more corn in.

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