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May 7, Glenn Harsh

We probably have 15% of our corn in the ground and right at 10% of our beans are planted. It is going well because the cover crops are growing and are 6 or 7 inches high in most fields. That is a nice height to kill them off. We have good root systems and some above ground growth but the cover crops are not too big and taking things over. We are killing them off as we are planting, either the day before or right after, and planting into them green.
We started planting corn May 2 with the first round in the field to get the planter set. Then it rained and we really got back at it on May 5. We have been moving along in between rainstorms since then.
It planted really nicely and the soil temperatures on May 2 were around 50 to 55 degrees. On May 5 they were more in the 60-degree range. Yesterday afternoon in the black ground was 77 degrees. I put SmartFirmers on my planter and they tell me what the temperature is when I am going through the field and that is what they were showing yesterday.
Our rains have been a tenth or two. We don’t want to go to hard because we have to stop to let the surface dry out after those rains. The rains have not been so big to keep us out for multiple days, though, and we could get back in pretty quickly. I think we’ll get this crop up and started in a good way this year.

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