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Zach Profit, April 9

I haven’t paid much attention to how much rain we’ve gotten. I just know we’re wet and cold. There hasn’t been much to get too excited about. Hopefully the rain stops. I turned my rain gauge upright the other day and we’re going to start keeping track of that. It was windy up here but there was no damage I am aware of. There were no tornadoes, for once. Usually it seems like Van Wert is right in the heart of those.

I don’t want to be in this camp, but I have slowly slid into the camp that I don’t think we’ll see many wheels turn until the first of May around here. Even if it turned nice right now we are a week away at least from being dry. It looks like any warmth in the forecast is going to lead to more moisture. I think we have a while before we can think about doing anything in the fields. We are just working on getting equipment ready.

The tariffs and China have everybody in an uproar but I think we’re a long ways away from that being over yet. I’d like to think we have leverage because we export food to them that they need and they export products that are wants to us.

We are delivering seed beans today. We contract out two varieties and they tell us when they are ready for them. They schedule us for a couple of days for delivery. They are busy right now getting ready for the planting season.

We store our seed beans in a facility that only sees soybeans so we don’t have any corn contamination. We’re getting through hauling out the beans pretty well. Last year was our first year growing seed beans on a larger scale. We planted around 20% seed beans and we are going to again this year. We are planning on growing more next year.

We are ready to go when the weather gets fit. We watch the weather and if there are decent days out in front of us we try to hit it. We do tend to favor May planting because things seem to work better in May and come up better. We always say we’re going to push it earlier but we never do. If it is after April 15 and we get a nice window we’ll go with corn, but it doesn’t look like that will happen this year.


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