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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — April 6, 2018

Light snow lingers over northern Ohio this morning, with minor accumulations still possible through mid-morning in areas from US 30 northward. Action will be limited to a coating to an inch or two total, and we need to have some help from the lake to get to the upper part of those totals. Nothing is going on farther south.

Another wave of moisture will be coming through tonight. We do have good news this morning, though! The action in southern Ohio is not going to be nearly as problematic! The heaviest moisture is staying farther south, and action is highly diminished across Southern Ohio compared to previous forecasts. We do have action lifting a bit farther north in eastern parts of the state, but still, this is a significant improvement. We will have some light snow and flurry action in overnight tonight, bringing a fresh coating south and east of a line from Youngstown to Greenville. The best accumulations will be from 1-2 inches in southeast Ohio, near the river. However, temps look to be a little bit warmer than our previous outlooks too, so there is a slightly better chance of rain mixing in with snow. Precipitation in the central and southwest part of the state will be done by sunrise, and action in the southeast will be gone by noon. This is a fantastic improvement in weather. Cold air is still here, but the winter precipitation event is a significantly lower threat. NW parts of the state miss out on the action entirely!

Sunshine should start to emerge again tomorrow by midday, and then we have high pressure in control through Sunday. While temps remain cold, we do not see as much of a chill as earlier this week.

Our next system is still on the way for Monday and lingers through Tuesday. Two waves move through and can bring accumulating snow to about 60% of the state combined. There will be some rain mixing in, making this a sloppy event. Combined liquid equivalent precipitation will be .25”-.6”. But, we can see some of that come as a coating to an inch or two of snow. The best hit areas are statewide on Monday, and in east central areas for Tuesday. We will be dry statewide on Wednesday, but still on the cool side.

Thursday we keep rain in the forecast, but action is lighter. Look for a .1”-.5” rains over 70% of Ohio Thursday afternoon and Thursday night. . Then for Friday nothing more than a few scattered showers bring a few hundredths to a tenth over 40% of the state. The heaviest rains are backing up into Saturday now, with rain totals of .25”-1”, and action may not be completely done until sometime Sunday morning. WE will put combined rain totals at .5”-1.5”, which is down significantly on the top end from our prior forecast. Coverage of the combined rains in that range will be 80% of the state.

In the extended window, a few scattered wrap around showers may hold over the state for Sunday the 15th with only a few hundredths to a tenth or two. A much stronger front moves in for the 18th with rain totals of .5”-1.5”. That system will be followed by a minor wave on the 20th, bringing .25”-.5”. Strong, cooler high pressure could move in for the 21st going forward, and if is strong enough, will steer precipitation to the south. However, if that strength is there…it will also likely produce below normal temps again for the last 8-9 days of the month.

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