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Dan Uetrecht, April 23

We have gotten our wheat sprayed with herbicide and fungicide. A lot of the neighbors just got spraying Saturday and Sunday. The cover crops are taking off and we have held off on spraying with the rain maybe coming today or tomorrow. I don’t want to kill the cover crops before a rain because then instead of taking up water they become shade and the fields stay wet.

After we get by this rain it looks like we have a good forecast after that and I think there is a chance we could be planting by the end of the week. The ground is in really good shape right now.

We fixed some tile and the moisture is really close to being where it needs to be. The sun popped out and we got a little wind and it made a huge difference. We have mowed grass, the trees have leaves on them and everything is budding. We have 30 acres of hay and it is growing now. Mother Nature decided it is time.

The last big rain we had left some holes in the wheat that have showed up. The rest of the wheat is really growing now, though, and is looking really good. We may spray another fungicide before it comes to head.

When it is ready we’ll start spraying corn and bean acres. Once the cover crops are dead we’ll start running both planters. I’ve been doing this for maybe 30 years. I don’t get nearly as antsy as I used to but I do get excited. This is an exciting time to get ready and grow a crop. We’ll be patient until it’s time.

I have sure been encouraged with the markets. Even with all of the political chatter and the Chinese tariffs, the markets have stayed neutral to strong. It has given me the opportunity to sell some more new crop beans at a good price and some July wheat for next year. The fear with these tariffs was that the market was just going to blow up but other than that first day or two, the market stayed strong.

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