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AJ Baltes, April 9

We got a couple of inches of rain and some high winds and then it changed to snow. It all melted right away.

There has been some flooding around here. It is pretty par for the course for this time of year though. The wheat is starting to green up and looks a little better than it did. It must be getting just warm enough for it to do something. It has been in the high 20s and night and low to mid 40s during the day. I think it is supposed to get in the 60s next week.

Hopefully things start drying out so we can start getting fertilizer spread. This part of the state is usually a little later than the rest of the state with planting. We are usually a couple of weeks behind the rest of Ohio. If we can get corn in at the end of April we’ll do it but that is pretty rare for us up here.

For the most part everything is pretty ready to go once we can get out to the fields. First we will try to get our bulk fertilizer spread and we do custom lime and gypsum spreading so hopefully we can get that done and out of the way. We need to try to get the wheat sidedressed too. Then we try to get the corn and beans planted — whatever fields are dry enough to get into. We’ll try to plant beans first if we can.

We do a spring burndown after we plant. We plant into the cover crops green and then have a custom applicator come in and burn down right after planting. That has worked out pretty well. We don’t seem to have the slug pressure that the straight no-till guys do. The cereal rye is starting to green up but some of the other covers are just sitting there right now.

Last year all you could see was the cab of the tractor going through the cover crop when we planted corn just after Memorial Day. We didn’t have any problems with it and that was some of our better corn.

Then when the corn is about knee or waist high we inter-seed with covers and the mat that is there helps get that annual rye, rapeseed and crimson clover off to a good start. We broadcast the seed around sidedressing time.

We have been hauling some corn out and now we are waiting on the weather.

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