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Had your auxin training yet?

With the growing now of dicamba resistant soybeans and the products to spray on them, we need a plan to avoid the problems we saw with drift and volatility in some areas last year. That means everyone who uses a dicamba product on soybeans must be a Licensed Pesticide Applicator and attend auxin training from the manufacturer; registration and locations found at these websites:




From my one and a half hour training I learned that to use the products you must:

  • Keep records.
  • Follow buffer requirements.
  • Use no AMS.
  • Apply with an approved nozzle that will deliver large droplets.
  • At 24 inches above the canopy.
  • In winds between 3 and 10 miles per hour.
  • But drive below 15 miles per hour.
  • And spray small weeds
  • Plus rinse 3 times after application.
  • And more…

The current labels for the dicamba-soybean products say we shall spray 4-inch or smaller weeds — however, READ the LABEL, the label is the law. But one farmer pointed out to me that the sales representative showed data in their auxin training class that their product will take down 12-inch weeds. Ohio’s farmers already know how to stretch a ruler, so let’s teach that to spray small weeds is a way to delay the development of resistant weeds. Do remember we already have weeds in Ohio resistant to glyphosate and to auxin herbicides. Use a pre-emergent herbicide, spray post small and allow no seed production.

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