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Dan Uetrecht, March 26

My father moved here in 1965 and we mainly were a cattle and hog operation but have slowly evolved out of livestock to just grain farming. You can see the farm from Interstate-71 by Caesar’s Creek Lake.

We have a rotation of corn, beans and wheat. We have 150 to 200 acres of wheat every year. We like that rotation because we can do a pretty good job of growing cover crop beans and we plant at least 40 acres of clover, radishes and rye behind wheat. I plant beans into that because it works pretty well. Then the next year we plant corn and it does pretty well after the beans with the organic matter and nitrogen from the cover crops. Planting corn into the cover crops is more risky.

We strip the wheat and try to run it at 20% so we can get the double-crop beans in as quickly as possible. Then the 40 or 50 acres we plant cover crops in we will typically bale that.

Our bins are completely cleaned out except for about 10,000 bushels of beans that I have rolled into a July contract. I typically try to clean my bins out, especially corn, before planting. If I want to re-own it, I just own it on paper.

It has been a unique winter. We had a really cold spell there for a while and I think that is good for insect issues. But we have outdoor stoves and we are still burning wood. We have cut a lot of wood this winter. We are slowly harvesting our dead ash trees. They make really good firewood.

We just topdressed the wheat and it looks pretty good considering the tough winter. We are ready to get in the fields when the weather allows us.

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