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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast — February 2, 2018


We are making our forecast a little more foreboding this morning, as we expect a very active 7 day period over Ohio from this weekend into next. Today looks relatively calm as high pressure sets up this morning in  NW Ohio, and then moves east through the day. This will keep a significant chill in place for us, with temps below normal. We can’t even rule out a bit of lake effect snow and flurries in parts of the state, although we do not expect it to be a significant problem.

Tomorrow, southwest winds develop ahead of our next system that comes in on Sunday. That system will bring some snow to the region. We are leaving snow totals at a coating to 2 inches over a large part of the state through Sunday mid-morning, but the period from Sunday midday through the afternoon looks much more interesting now. Additional liquid precipitation could range from a quarter to half an inch, and up to three quarters of an inch will be seen very close to the Ohio River. However, temps also look to bump up a bit, and we may see a mix of rain and wet snow in central Ohio, and a move toward more rain down south. If cold air holds, then we see all snow and a major mess! Either way, by sunset, cold air is back in all areas, or we can see an additional inch or two. So, totals snows Sunday could be at least 2 inches, and perhaps a lot more, if the cold air dominates more than we currently expect. The map above shows potential 24 hour snow totals for the state for Sunday.

Our next clipper moves in for Tuesday and brings a chance of 1-3 inch snows to areas from I-70 northward. This will be a fast moving event. Almost immediately behind it, Overnight Tuesday and Wednesday we have a much stronger low lifting up from the southwest. This system has liquid from .25”-1”. WE will see rain in the south and snow in the north, and we can see significant accumulations. We will put out our exact forecast for this event on Monday, because it will be very track dependent, but expect a good number of inches. Subzero air comes in behind that system.

Another system brings 2-5 inch snow potential or next Friday, and snows are again possible for the 12th into the 13th. All told, with the active pattern, we could be looking at a snow depth of 5-10 inches by Tuesday the 13th, WITHOUT a significant snow accumulation this Wednesday! IF the Wednesday event is bigger…our cumulative snow totals will be even more impressive. February is coming in with plenty of cold air and precipitation to match. However, most of that snow comes in nice, easy to deal with small scale totals. Still…here is what the

Temperatures will be below normal through mid-month, easily.

Gear up. It all starts this weekend.

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