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Scott Metzger, Nov. 6

As far as the wind, we didn’t have anything like they had further west. I think the wind got up to 28 or 30 miles per hour and the rain stayed north of us for awhile. The final round came through early this morning and we had 4 to 6 inches of rain. The kids’ school actually closed today because of water across the roads.

I really feel for the people in western Ohio where they had those devastating storms. We can’t complain at all. What we had was no comparison.

This will put harvest to a halt for a while. We have around 400 acres of corn left, all of our double-crops left to cut and some custom work to do. We have our work cut out for us with the conditions we’ve had but we have had other years like this. We may be running at night on frozen ground for a while.

I don’t know how much of the rain soaked in. I think it will be every bit of a week until we can get back in. I saw we could get down into the low 20s this weekend and we could maybe run if it gets frozen.

When you get to this time of year, there is less sun and cooler weather and it doesn’t dry out. It has been fairly wet here. We maybe only ran two days out of the last 10.

This rain was too much for the wheat. We’ll have water standing on some of the fields. If it starts freezing with water still on the wheat that won’t be good. Wheat is pretty tough but standing water is not good. It should have a good root system, though, and I think it will be OK.

We have been pretty fortunate with the corn yields. The replanted corn is maybe 30 bushels less than everything else, but the yield is still nothing to complain about. I think if we can get it all shelled without any issues we may have the best corn crop we’ve ever had for an average.

We haven’t had stalk issues yet but after this we probably will. Half of the corn we have left to shell got six inches of rain so I expect to see some stalk issues. Any heavy winds now will be a problem. We sprayed the corn this year and that sure does pay when you get into a late harvest like this. We have seen that it helps it stand better than corn that hasn’t been sprayed.

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