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Scott Metzger, Nov. 27

We finished everything up last Friday night. We got the double-crop beans done to get harvest wrapped up. That is always a good feeling but you’d always like another 500 acres of corn.

I think the double-crop beans were around 42 or 43 bushels per acre for an average.  I think the highest we had for a field average was maybe 47 bushels and maybe the low was 40 — they were good. In 2011 we had some that were pretty similar to that in the 40s. We just had the right growing season for them this year. Having a late frost and rains at the right time really helped. They look like the quality of the first crop beans. It was still wet, but most of our double-crops were on tiled ground so that helped.

This was the best corn crop we have ever had. The beans were above trend line but not a record for us. Overall, 2017 was a challenging year but it all really panned out weather wise.

We are contemplating whether we put on a shot of insecticide and a low rate of herbicide on the wheat this fall to get a little more protection out there. We haven’t pulled that trigger yet and I don’t know with the price of wheat if that will pay. A couple of neighbors have tried and had quite a bit of success with it.

We also wanted to get a cover crop on all of bean stubble so we are going to get the drills out today and run hard this week to see how much we can get done. We may try to get some corn stalks fall sprayed too.

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