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Glen Newcomer, Nov. 6

Compared to other parts of the state we were lucky. We received an inch and a half to 3 inches of rain with high winds. We were fortunate our corn stood well through that and we had minimal damage from the storm. The worst damage in our area was north and east of us, directly west of Toledo. There are a few farm sites that had some damage, but for the most part our damage was minimal even though we had some strong wind gusts. It is difficult to say when we will be back in the fields. We could possibly be running by the end of this week again.

We are progressing along with harvest very well. We are over 85% complete with the corn. We finished soybeans up this last week and it is always a relief to have that completed. Then we focused pretty much on finishing up field operations. Tillage is done and spraying is done and at this time all we have left to do is focus on shelling corn.

So I am very pleased with harvest progress to date, given the weather we have had this year. We continue to harvest at every opportunity. I think we are still on track to get things completed in a normal time frame. We strive to be done by the middle of November and we are still on track to be close to that.

The corn harvest continues to be a pleasant surprise for us. It has yielded better than what we had planned. We are running well above our APH history for our farms on corn yield and our average harvest moisture to date has been 20.7. We have been pleased with that as well. The later corn is running a little wetter. It is at the 23% moisture range now. That is still fine considering when that corn was planted and the weather.

The stalk integrity has improved as we have gotten into the later planted corn.  We initially had a few issues on some early-planted corn that had a little wind damage, but it wasn’t difficult to harvest.


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