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Ben Klick, Nov. 6

I’ve been in the house doing billing this morning because it is ugly out and I didn’t want to be outside. We have gotten 2.4 inches since yesterday morning. We have had close to 5 inches here since the middle of last week. That will keep us out of the fields for a little bit.

We have 50 acres of beans after hay to cut, 50 acres of custom beans and double-crops yet to cut. We have around 350 acres of corn yet to go. We have plenty to do. In a regular year we can be done in early November but in years like this we hope to be done by Thanksgiving.

There are still a lot of corn and beans out around here and that puts a damper on any sort of fall tillage or fertilizer application. We got through most of our April-planted corn and now we’re into the late May-planted corn and it was not as bad as I thought it might have been. Then we got back to some more April corn and it was some of the best corn we’ve ever had on that farm. The yields have been all over the board but our average now is around 180 bushels and I’m not too upset with that in a year like this. We still have some good ground yet to go too.

I want to do some investigating in the beans. We had some neighbors who had problems with white mold. We planted some really early varieties to get wheat out and then it rained and we couldn’t get to that ground until in May and that doesn’t always pan out well.

The wheat this fall is on a lot of good tiled ground we have. It is doing well and looks beautiful. The rain stopping would definitely not be bad thing. Overall wheat looks really good around here. I hope some of the later wheat can get roots established before winter.

We’re praying for the guys out west who are having all of the issues with the wind. With five inches of rain it will be hard to get back into the fields any time soon for us. It would take three or four days in July heat to dry up this much rain. Now we have this cold, wet weather. Some of the corn is starting to go down a little bit too. If it’s not one thing it is the other, but you have to take the good with the bad.

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