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Winners of the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Corn Contest were (front row, L to R) Paige Pence, Kearsten Kirby, (back row, L to R) Jacob Sweitzer, Adam Bensman, and Lauren Wright.

Miami East FFA’ers bring top yields for chapter corn contest

Recently, members from the Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter were challenged to participate in the annual Chapter Corn Contest. The rules of the contest were to bring in one ear of corn and earn a corn-related prize. All participants got a can of soda pop because corn syrup is a major ingredient. Overall winners were presented an FFA T-shirt from the FFA Chapter.

A winner is chosen based on the predicted yield of the corn. The grand prize winner was determined by the highest yield estimate, based on plant population per acre. Agriculture Education students in Plant and Animal Sciences took time in class to figure the predicted yield of corn ears as part of their continuing education of agronomy.

The overall winner was Paige Pence. Her corn was predicted to yield 312.3 bushels to the acre with a 35,000 seed population per acre. Her corn was a Channel product. Second place went to Kearsten Kirby who presented an ear of corn that is predicted to produce 283.6 bushels per acre with a 30,000 seed population per acre. Third place went to Adam Bensman with an ear of corn predicted to yield 281.6 bushels to the acre with a 36,000 seed population per acre. His was an Ebberts product. Fourth went to Jacob Sweitzer with a predicted yield of 270.7 with a 30,000 seed population per acre. Fifth went to Lauren Wright with a predicted yield of 270.6 bushels to the acre with a 33,000 seed population per acre. Her corn was an AgriGold product.

Participants included Elizabeth Bair, Adam Bensman, Abigail Covault, Kearsten Kirby, Paige Pence, Jacob Rife, Jacob Sweitzer, Caleb Taylor, and Lauren Wright.

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