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Scott Metzger, Sept. 11

Most everybody is about 10 or 12 days away from doing any harvesting down here. The cool weather has really slowed things down in terms of turning and drying down.

We’ve gotten about two inches of rain so far this month. We had nine-tenths two different times and it wouldn’t hurt to get another shower. It would help knock the leaves off and get them turned a little more.

We did have a lot of late disease come in but standability appears to still be OK. Everything was sprayed to help with that. Hopefully we don’t have any crazy wind from a hurricane heading this way.

Some of the early beans where we didn’t replant much are turned a good bit. But, where we replanted, they are as green as the double-crop beans. The harvest will be spread out like the planting season was.

If we have two more weeks of cool weather, wheat planting is going to be a concern. On our wheat acres to plant, there are only some of the beans that are even starting to change. We’ll plant wheat until the 20th of October but much beyond that and it is time to shut it down.

We’re getting everything ready for harvest and we are finishing hauling seed wheat to get the last bins cleaned out.


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