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Brandon Monebrake, Sept. 11

We had a little rain — about three tenths — on Tuesday last week. If it rains later today, some of the beans will lose the last of their leaves.

I think we might be one of the first in the area to run beans. Ours are the only ones in a pretty big radius that look like they’re ready. That is unusual for us.

They were planted the week before the frost and somehow didn’t get hurt from it. Some beans up at New Paris were planted at the same time and got frosted in the bottoms. We also have some 3.9s that are still as green as can be.

We’ll probably be shelling beans at this time next week if it’s fit. We have a few acres that will be ready in a week or so and 80 acres that will be ready just after that. It is the beans that we planted before the two weeks of rain last spring that will be turning and ready in the next couple of weeks. So we’ll run those early beans and after that we’ll have a break.

The earliest corn is right behind the house and it is probably a good three weeks off yet. This is not really good drying weather, but I guess that’s why we have two driers. The corn was looking like it was drying down pretty decent but the cool weather has stopped that. The beans have changed more since it has been cooler.

I am not worried about standability issues. We’ve switched a lot of varieties and hybrids because of that and I am not worried so far this year.

We walked a couple of fields and found big and small ears but we’re thinking yields around 175 to 185 bushels on corn. We found anywhere from 160 to 240. The beans look good and the pods are there. It just depends if they are full.

We’re done with the pulling tractor for the year and we have some things to work on over the winter. Now that we have the motor going we have to mess with the transmission and speed it up a little bit.

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