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Ben Klick, Sept. 11

As we speak, we are chopping corn silage. We are about done with the first silo and we’ll get five or six loads this morning. We are seeing pretty good yields tonnage wise. This is our second planted corn this spring, April 25. It was a pretty good stand with good ears on it. We are getting 23 or 24 tons to the acre, which compared to last year is pretty good. This is 110-day corn we are chopping. I think it will be pretty good quality stuff.

We are a good three weeks later chopping this year than last. We have another 10 days or two weeks until we can chop the next corn. If it gets warm like they are talking about it might be a little sooner.

This might be the first year that I can remember where we don’t cut beans in September. They have quite a ways to go. The first beans I planted were May 10 and they are 2.7s and they are not even half turned. It has been so cool. It has been like October weather the last two weeks.

It was 40 degrees the other morning. We need some heat. These beans have a long way to go. I think if we get some rain here this week it will still help some of these later beans. The corn is pretty well done. We got a little rain last week, but it wasn’t even tacky out in the fields.

I have a group of calves I turned out on pasture 10 days ago and they still have plenty of green grass. This is one of this first years I can remember where we didn’t have to feed any hay. We’ve had pretty good luck. We mowed everything once and it came back pretty nicely.

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