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Follow coverage of the 2017 Midwest Crop Tour

Corn, soybeans and a solar eclipse! All three should make this year’s Farm Journal Midwest Crop Tour very interesting.

All week long, I will be on one of nearly 40 teams of 4 will venture out into the great unknown. As we spider-web our way from Ohio west and from the Dakotas east, covering 80% of the corn and soybean regions of the United States, we will dig a little deeper into the nearly harvest-ready corn fields and the soybean fields working on filling out those last few pods.

If you have to see it to believe it when it comes to the 2017 crops, get ready to ride along with me as I share what I am seeing all week long on the Farm Journal Midwest Crop Tour.

Get my coverage of Day #1

You can also follow my coverage at OhioAgNet.com and on Facebook and Twitter..

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  1. You mentioned that you have a Brazilian and a Frenchmen on your tour this year. Do they think it is odd that you enter people’s fields without permission and “sell” the information at $100 per plate dinners each night? Do they do the same thing in Brazil and France?

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