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Scott Metzger, July 24

We’ve actually missed some of these rains. This last week we had about eight tenths but to the south we really didn’t get hardly anything. The northern part of the county got around 2 inches. We are almost at 8 inches of rain for the month of July so far and the ground is still wet. We have plenty of moisture and we have a pretty good chance of having a good corn crop here.

We sprayed probably half of the corn so far and the rest of it will be sprayed with fungicide this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. We had some fields with northern corn leaf blight and it has been corn after corn for a long time. Just about everything it seems like has gray leaf spot. We have a found a couple fields with common rust. When you get this kind of weather everything starts popping up.

I am surprised I haven’t seen many issues as far as diseases in our beans. We’ve got some fields that are way too wet and the beans are yellow. I think our beans are to the point where yields are being hurt from as much rain as we’ve had. Some of these fields that lay wet are starting to hurt a little bit, but we have been scouting for disease and haven’t seen any yet. If you go down around Chillicothe, frogeye is running rampant down there. Our beans are in the R1, R2, or R3 stages. They are at the point where we need to spray if we are gong to spray. This last week the last of the corn started tasseling and pollinating. It was a bit warm but we had plenty of moisture.

We have a great stand of double-crop beans. We will probably spray those this week. We were trying to decide whether to spray Xtend or just Roundup on them. We have some Plenish beans and I haven’t seen any issues in them with dicamba damage. In one field there is just a driveway splitting the Plenish on one side and the Xtend on the other. We didn’t have any issue with it.

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