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Brandon Monebrake, July 10

South of us got 1.25 inches last night. We had right around four inches in the last couple of weeks. Corn is really looking good around here and the beans are coming on slow, but they are catching up. Grain prices have started going up a good bit, which is good too. We are not worried right now about pests or diseases. There are no signs of disease. We have a good bit of corn that will be tasseling here by the end of this week. Some started last week. Things are looking pretty decent.

I think the corn is in really good shape. It is dark green and growing like crazy. This year looks like it could be a pretty good corn year for us.

If you go about 15 miles north, the crops drop off and look terrible. Corn is knee high and yellow. If you go south 10 miles it falls off there too.  I think it is due to too much water. I guess we’re in the middle of a decent streak. All of the rain we have been getting has been soaking in. We have a two-acre spot that almost always floods out. It actually has some beans in it this year, which is better than we expected.

We got a second spraying done and we have the weeds dead now. The bean ground was starting to get covered up, but we got back ahead of the weeds. The beans have been slow going but we are hoping they take off once we get some heat. These 70- and 80-degree temperatures really are not that hot. We could use some heat.

The pulling tractor is torn down and we are waiting on parts. I have missed three hooks so far. The parts will be in in the end of the week and hopefully have it back together in about two weeks. Then we will hopefully be back out for the Dyno and our hometown fair in August.

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