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Ben Klick, July 10

Things are wet and miserable. Every three days it rains. I have straw that has been rained on four times. We finally got all the wheat cut. When you get nice days do you bale straw or go cut the wheat before it gets rained on for four straight days and the test weight goes down? They brought a draper out to demo and we finished cutting wheat last night about 11.

Here around home the wheat was in the 75- or 80-bushel range, which I wasn’t too upset with, but the wheat was pretty rough on one of our south farms. It was just too wet. Quality wise we haven’t hauled any in yet, but things are looking promising as far as the markets go. We have a bunch of wheat sold and we have heard the test weights have been good. The wheat is actually worth something now and we wanted to get it off.

We got about 20 acres of 150 acres of straw baled. We ended up round baling a bunch of it. We still have a bunch of straw laying in a windrow that has been rained on three times.

The last couple of years of farming I feel like a Cleveland Browns fan. You always start out with a positive attitude and you get halfway through the season and you’re saying, “There’s always next year.”

It was wet and we finally got planted and things got going. Now it is so wet again. In the last week or so of June we got over three inches in two days and we got another inch last week. We’ve had between four and five inches of rain in the last two or three weeks and it has been hard rain. We have corn that came up beautifully and now we have ocean waves of corn with high spots and low spots and everything else in between.

We should be making the second cutting of hay and now that’s getting behind too. Would you rather have an overly wet year or a dry year? At least when it is dry, you can get work done. When you are wet you can’t do anything and you get behind. Along with all of that, we are having a Stark County Cattlemen’s event here Saturday and we have to get things cleaned up.

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