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Glenn Newcomer, May 8

We are fortunate. We did not get frost last evening. The wind blew through the night and the temperatures did not get as cold as they had predicted so we dodged a bullet. There is a chance again tonight but the chances are diminished.

We did get rain, but the week before we were able to plant for three days. We did not plant any soybeans in anticipation of all of the rain. We got a nice bit of corn in. I checked it yesterday and all of it has germinated. The radical coming out is about an inch long. You can tell it was slowed down by the cold weather. It is amazing to look at the difference compared to corn that was planted six days earlier. When you look at the number of heat units, it is the difference between being able to row the corn and corn that is below the ground level just barely starting to spike up.

The rain was very spotty but I do not know of anyone who received less than two inches of rain last week. We were somewhere between two and 2.5 inches last week on most of our farms and that is in addition to the inch and a half we got six days before that. We have had four inches of rain in the last two weeks.

I came back from scouting fields yesterday feeling much better about the progression of the corn. It all germinated. It all has a root system started. At this point, I don’t think replant will be an issue unless the ground gets crusted in and can’t make it out of the ground. We are in “wait and see” mode right now, but the seed has germinated and still has potential to emerge.

It is amazing to see how quickly conditions can change when you have clear skies, low humidity and 15- to 20-mile-per-hour winds. The conditions have dried at the surface level in some fields, but farmers are going to have to watch very closely to make sure conditions below the surface are fit for planting and driving on.

In the counties south and east, they made good progress and are progressing at a somewhat normal pace. There are soybeans in the ground starting to emerge as well. That is not the case in my backyard. There is concern about some of the water sitting on the soybean acres now.

It looked pretty bad here last Thursday and Friday. When you have several days of continuous rain and flooding it is a concern. The better-drained soils are coming around. We think the earliest we can get back in will be Friday, if the conditions are right.

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