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Brandon Monebrake, May 22

We got six inches of rain and then it dried up and the ground got as hard as concrete in some places. Then we got four-tenths one night and everything we thought we were going to replant started coming up. That rain saved a lot of corn.

We ended up getting six to eight-tenths last week. It was just enough. The dirt has been working up great. It was just dry enough and just wet enough last week. We got a tenth last night. Our replant goes down everyday because more of the crops keep coming up. Last week there were about 10 acres of the 300 we planted before the wet and cold weather that we thought needed to be replanted. Every day more has been coming up and surprising us more.

We think if you feel like you need to rotary hoe something you should just go replant it. We don’t have one and don’t like doing it. There have been a lot of people around us turning the seed off on their planters and running them right down the row.

There was some really yellow corn down the road and it is as green as can be now. It looks good and all of our corn looks great. We had some beans planted early and they came up and look great too. We had about 120 acres of beans coming up yesterday. We are very happy with the way things are looking right now. We have 80 acres of corn left to plant and we are hoping to finish tonight. We have 900 acres or of beans so to go and we’ll hit them hard and hopefully have them done in a week or so.

Saturday night we had the Matt Calland Memorial Pull and we drove through rain all the way home from Champaign County. We got first place.

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