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Ben Klick, May 22

We could be better. We had another overnight rain. We finally got dry enough to plant last week and we got several hundred acres of corn and beans in the ground. Then it rained Friday night, Saturday and last night. We got close to an inch of rain and we are back to a standstill for now. We are about 70% done with corn and about 40% done with the beans. We have a fair amount in, but it is getting close to June and we want to get more corn in.

In the first corn we planted that went through the cold weather we got good emergence and good stands. The color wasn’t there at first, but the last week really perked that corn up and it is actually looking pretty good. There is a 30-acre piece we are watching. It lays kind of wet in the bottom and it is on the borderline to replant or not.

The first beans I planted on May 10 are coming up and looking pretty good. With the way things have been I am pretty grateful with how things look.

I hopped out of the air seeder last week to make 15 acres of hay. We got it baled on Wednesday. It was pretty good hay and when it is in the upper 80s it doesn’t take long for hay to dry. There was a lot of hay mowing and baling in this area last week.

If the sun comes out and we get warm weather we could maybe go again sometime tomorrow. They have a chance of rain for us on Wednesday. For what we have had I am grateful we haven’t had to replant. There is a lot of replanting going on in some places. At this stage of the game, replanting is almost not an option.

We have two groups of calves on pasture rotationally grazing now. They are doing really well, but between the Cavs losing the game last night and the rain this morning, it has kind of put a damper on things.

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